The Whisky

Carefully matured for 10 years in the intense environment that surrounds our distilleries in Scotland, our single malts are aged in two different casks and exposed to opposing climatic conditions - for a clearly differentiated taste.


Matured to sip, savour and enjoy.

The Process

Carefully matured for over 10 years at William Grant & Sons Lowland distillery, perched on the intense environs of the Ayrshire coast, Scotland.


Some of our whiskies are aged in a warehouse located by the sea. This impacts the maturation process and delivers a smooth whisky with a hint of sea salt.


Further inland, our whiskies mature in warehouses where the sea has less of an influence on flavour. These whiskies are more peated, and have a rich and smoky character.

Our Range

How to best enjoy Aerstone

Many people drink their scotch neat, or with just a little water. But the majority of the time I drink Scotch neat with one large cube of ice because I like my whisky slightly chilled.


However, it is down to personal taste and enjoyment. On a warm summer's day I have been known to add a mixer to my single malt! Scotch and soda or Scotch and ginger ale works well.

Global Whisky Specialist, Kevin Abrook

A sign of quality

Aerstone's whiskies have been carefully curated by William Grant & Sons Malt Master Brian Kinsman.

Brian Kinsman's Signature